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1st --- 2018 2018 Panini Elements Football
Huge draft for summer sales. Call your rep to get your order in now before it's sold out. This will count towards all the allocated football hitting in 2018.
  2018 In the Game Used Hockey
call your rep today
  2018 Leaf Greatest Hits Basketball
Allocated, call your rep for your number today. 866-249-4323
  2018 Leaf In the Game Used
National redemption product. Call your rep for allocations!
  2018 Leaf Pop Century Trading Cards
4 hits per pack from Actors, musicians, celebrities..... Production has been cut since last year
  2018 Panini Immaculate Baseball
Allocated to those of you supporting us on the Panini Baseball releases. Ohtani fever makes this the best version to date. Get your orders in now!!!!!
  2018 Panini Noir Basketball
Call your sales rep today for all the details. New content and better rookies
  2018 Rittenhouse WNBA Sets
All the top players and teams are covered
  2018 Topps Chrome Baseball
Allocated to those of you supporting us on the 2018 Topps MLB Releases
  2018 Topps WWE Heritage Wrestling
Using the 1989 baseball vintage design this year. 2 hits per box cover deceased stars, legends and all the top current names
3rd --- 2018 2018 Panini Eminence World Cup Soccer
This is as high end as it gets. Give your sales rep a call for availability asap
  2018 Cardfight Vanguard Destructive Roar Extra Booster 01
Fist extra booster for the new block
  2018 Pokemon Sun & Moon Celestial Expansion
Over 160 brand new cards. The Vampires are back with new themes and debut monsters including the first Vampire Link monster.
  2018 Weiss Schwarz Girls Band Party Roselia
Call your rep for all the details
8th --- 2018 2018 Donruss Football
ALLOCATED to those of you supporting us on the 2018 Donruss Football releases
  2018 Topps Clearly Authentic Autographed Baseball
Allocated. Get 1, on card, acetate autographed per pack. All the top names are covered. Production is limited call your rep today at 866-249-4323 to place your order.
10th --- 2018 Topps Star Wars Galactic Files Trading Cards
covers the entire Star Wars Universe
  2018 Yu-Gi-Oh Powercode Link Structure Decks
Great release for any player using the new Link Monsters and rules
15th --- 2018 Panini Unparalleled Football
Great design. 2 autographs and 1 game used per box. Huge winner last year, expect a quick sell out this time around.
17th --- 2018 17-18 Panini Crown Royale Basketball
Allocated based on your 17-18 Panini NBA orders. Call your rep today at 866-249-4323 or email me back.
  2018 Yu-Gi-Oh Shadows in Valhallia Boosters
All foil release. This debuts the Mischief of Time Goddess card from the original anime. This card was supposed to be too powerful for the game. Finally, players can now use it.
22th --- 2018 2018 Leaf Flash Football
Allocated to customers ordering the Leaf Draft Picks releases from ASM. Call your rep today for your allocation at 866-249-4323
  2018 2018 Panini National Treasures Collegiate Football
6 hits per pack with multiple autographs. All the top names, legends, current stars and rookies are in their pro uniforms. SOLD OUT!!!!!
  2018 Panini Origins Football
2 autographs and a relic per pack. All the top rookies and veterans are signing. This is allocated for the first time ever
  2018 Rittenhouse Twin Peaks Trading cards
It's back on Showtime. 2 autographs per box from all the top stars and guest stars
  2018 Topps Bowman High Tek Baseball
Allocated based on your topps baseball sales. Covers the top rookies and prospects
  2018 Topps Star Wars Archives Signature Series
Allocated. Call your rep for you number today
24th --- 2018 2018 Panini Chronicles Baseball
Updates for Panini baseball releases including all the missing rookie cards from Spectra, Select, Prizm, Cornerstones and atleast 10 other brands. Awesome rookie class goes way beyond having just Ohtani
  2018 2018 Topps Diamond Icons Baseball
Sold out
  2018 McFarlane NFL Madden 19 Figures
Sold out
29th --- 2018 2018 Contenders Draft Basketball
Sold out
  2018 Topps WWE Undisputed
Hit per pack with atleast 8 autographs in a 10 count box. Legends, Divas and all the top current stars are covered.
31th --- 2018 Cardfight Vanguard Champions of Asia Boosters
second extra booster for the new game play
  2018 Cardfight Vanguard Leon Soryu Trial Decks
Eb02 hits the same day. Mix an order up to hit the quantity discounts.
  2018 Leaf History of Baseball Cut Signatures
Hall of Famer signature cut per pack,all numbered and slabbed. Leaf will only product what's presold. Ruth, Gehrig, Mantle, Joe D, Wagner.... you name them, they are there
  2018 Yu-Gi-OH Mega Tins
Call your rep for all the details. Each tin has There are now 2 variants per tin. There are 3, 16 card mega packs per tin with cards from the top boosters over the last few months.

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