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3rd --- 2019 2019 Leaf Valiant Football Draft
Allocated. Call you sales rep at 866-249-4323 for your allocation today
  2019 Force of Will Awakening of Ancients Boosters
Call your rep today to get your order in on the new boosters and the tournament kits that hit one week prior to release
  2019 Pokemon Sun & Moon Unbroken Expansion
Call your sales rep today for details on the boosters, theme decks, elite trainers, 3 packs and binders.
  2019 Yu-Gj-Oh Dark Neostorm Boosters
Core release debuts Super Quantum Mecha Pilots, the first assault mode monster in 10 years, plus plenty of more brand new content.
8th --- 2019 18-19 Panini Spectra Basketball
Allocated based on your 18-19 Panini NBA purchases
  2019 2019 Topps Tier One Baseball
2 game used and 1 on card auto per pack. Great content, better names too. Allocated to those of you supporting us on the Topps MLB releases
  2019 2019 Topps UFC Knockout
New names are debuting, legends, women.... all the top fighters are covered.
10th --- 2019 Buddy Fight Ace Booster Volume 4
Call your rep for all the details about this and the other upcoming Bushiroad releases
  2019 Cardfight Vanguard Primary Medley 2 EB05
15th --- 2019 2019 Topps Big League Baseball
Great affordable product for all these new kids coming out nationwide. All the colored parallels are there plus they'll pull autographs in every other box
  2019 Topps Bundelsiga Museum Collection Soccer
First Museum Collection release covering the Germany's top league.
  2019 Topps UEFA Chrome Soccer
This covers the top league in Europe
17th --- 2019 Weiss Schwarz Sword Art Online Gun Gale
this Debuts the Gun Gale storyline to the Weiss Schwarz line
22th --- 2019 2018 Topps UEFA Champions League Chrome Soccer
Debut of Chrome Soccer for the European Champions League. All the top names are here and signing
  2019 2019 Topps Pro Debut Baseball
Call Your sales rep for your allocation today
  2019 Topps WWE Undisputed
Hit per pack with atleast 8 autographs in a 10 count box. Legends, Divas and all the top current stars are covered.
29th --- 2019 2019 Topps Definitive Collection Baseball
Sold out!!!

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