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3rd --- 2019 Panini Court Kings Basketball
Call your sales rep today at 866-249-4323 to get your order in, move your allocations up and make some money with the new and improved Court Kings Basketball
  2019 Topps Stranger Things Trading Cards Season 2
First release based on the hit show. This should be great for the young teenagers out there.
  2019 Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Power
Call your rep for all the great details.
5th --- 2019 2019 Onyx Vintage Collection Minor League Trading Cards
Sold out
  2019 Leaf Pearl
Sold out
  2019 Pokemon Detective Pikachu Movie releases
Movie hits theaters 5/10. Call you rep today for information on all 6 skus based on the new film
  2019 Weiss Schwarz Bang Dream! Girls Band Party! Multi Live
Get your orders in today. Expect it to be sold out before release
  2019 Yu-Gi-Oh Supplies Golden Duelist 9 pocket portfolios
Brand new supplies including sleeves and deck boxes
10th --- 2019 2019 Panini Diamond Kings Baseball
Diamond Kings is affordable and has built up a huge following nationwide. Legends, current stars and the rookies are covered. Look for game used and autographs from the top names
  2019 2019 Topps WWE Raw
This is the new basebrand. Every name from Raw is covered plus Smackdown Live stars.
  2019 Donruss Soccer
30 teams world wide are covered. Look for autographs from the Women's World Cup stars too
  2019 Super Break One Time Sports Edition
Every pack has 1, 1 of 1 hit. Game Used, Autographs and atleast 1, 1 of 1 signature cut per case.
12th --- 2019 2018 Panini Honors Football
The strong rookie class makes this one a great product today and for the future. Call your sales rep for your allocation today. 866-249-4323
  2019 2019 Leaf Metal Draft Football
All the top names covered for the 2019 draft. Call your rep for your allocation today
  2019 Cardfight Vanguard Shockolade Melody Trial Decks TD08
This is a Mermaid deck.
17th --- 2019 2019 Topps Bowman Baseball
Always a great seller. Allocated. Call your rep today for your number!!!!!
  2019 Rittenhouse The Orville Season 1
Covers every episode of Season 1. Look for autographs, 2 per box from the stars and guest stars.
18th --- 2019 Sage Hit High Series Football Draft Picks
12 autographs per box. Look for the top 2019 draft picks including a fresh new batch of top pick quarterbacks. There's a brand new design this year, thicker stock and a heavy UV Coating.
19th --- 2019 2019 Panini Flawless Football
Call your rep for availability
  2019 Leaf Metal Perfect Game All American Baseball
Limited production of the starts at the annual summer event
  2019 McFarlane Game of Thrones Debut release
Debut release of the 6" action figures. Call your rep for all the info today.
  2019 Weiss Schwarz No Game No Life Expansion
Sold out
  2019 Yu-Gi-Oh Order of Spell Caster Command Structure Decks
24th --- 2019 2019 Panini Contenders Draft Picks Football
Allocated for the first time ever. Call your rep today at 866-249-4323 for your number.
  2019 2019 Topps Chrome Bundesliga Soccer
This covers the top League in Germany
  2019 2019 Tri Star Game Day Greats Autographed Jerseys
Full sized autographed jersey in every every box. Legends and current stars are covered. Call your rep today for all the details.
  2019 Historic Autographs Hall of Fame Inductees
Sold out!!!!!
26th --- 2019 buddy Fight Yuga & Garga
  2019 Cardifight Vanguard Revival Collection 2
  2019 Force of Will Awakening of Ancients Tournament Kits
These hit one week before the actual expansion. We can get you as many as you need. Call your rep today at 866-249-4323 to have your pre-release gathering locked in.
  2019 Panini National Treasures Basketball
Allocated brand. Call your sales rep today at 866-249-4323
1st --- 2019 2019 Score Football Jumbos
Allocated line this year. Call your rep for your number today
  2019 2019 Topps UEFA Champions League Museum Collection soccer
This covers the top League in Europe
  2019 Panini Disney Princess Stickers
Covers every princess with stickers and albums
  2019 Super Break the Bar Cuts Edition
Get a signature cut in every pack from a President, Historical Figure, Musician, Entertainer or a Sports Legend in every pack. Look for 1 Presidential cut per case. There are themed Hot cases with just presidents, the Kennedy's, names from the 1800's.....

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