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5th --- 2019 2019 Topps Finest Baseball
2 on card autographs per box. The '19 true rookies are there
  2019 2019 Topps UEFA Champions League Museum Collection soccer
This covers the top League in Europe
7th --- 2019 2019 Leaf Flash Football
Allocated to customers ordering the Leaf Draft Picks releases from ASM. Call your rep today for your allocation at 866-249-4323
  2019 Buddy Fight Case Closed Volume 1 boosters Expansion
Boosters and 2 theme decks make up this June Expansion
  2019 Cardfight Vanguard Light of Salvation Logic of Destruction
EB06 hits just in time for school to get out for the year.
  2019 McFarlane Game of Thrones Figures
sold out
  2019 Panini Luminance Football
Allocated based on your Panini NFL orders
  2019 Pokemon Kankaskhan GX Gift Boxes
This is the June, GX Gift Box
12th --- 2019 Historic Autographs Originals 1934
Allocated. Call your sales rep for all the details
  2019 Panini Noir Basketball
Call your sales rep today for your allocation
  2019 Topps Baseball Series II
All the April and May call ups covered. Get your orders in now. Plan on Vlad Jr. and Jimenez true rookies this summer.
  2019 Tri Star Best of All Time
Sold out!!!
14th --- 2019 2019 Leaf Autographed Bats
Debut release from Leaf. Look for a full sized autographed bat in every pack from current stars and legends.
  2019 2019 Topps Major League Baseball Stickers
Great for all the new kids in the industry. Teach them how to build sets and accomplish their goals. Stickers now have actual trading cards for their backs. Make this a crossover release and pick up some new trading card collectors.
  2019 Weiss Schwarz Revue Boosters and Trial Decks
This has the debut of the Revue Girls to the Weiss Schwarz Game. They love the girls in this line.
  2019 Yu-Gi-Oh Dark Neostorm Special Edition
Look for 2, secret rares foils in every bundle of 3 boosters.
15th --- 2019 McFarlane Game of Thrones Drogon
The most popular Dragon in the show hits the market this summer.
19th --- 2019 2019 Topps Museum Collection Baseball
Quantities are limited. Call your rep today for your allocation.
  2019 Panini Fortnite Series I Trading Cards
This is the first trading card based on the hit video game. Hobby, mega boxes, blasters and blisters are all available here
  2019 Super Break The Bar Pieces of the Past One Time History Edition
Historic figures, athletes, celebrities.... Every pack has a 1 of 1 hit. 1 in 10 is a 1 of 1 signature cut
21th --- 2019 2019 Leaf Ultimate sports
Covers all sports with hits from the top names
  2019 Cardfight Vanguard Special Series Premium Collection SS01
54 cards give players what they need for the Premium Standard Format.
  2019 Onyx Clubhouse Collection Game Used Batting Gloves
A pair of game used batting gloves in every box. The checklist features the top young names in baseball along with some of the top prospects. Trout, Judge, Ichiro, Cabrera, Wander Franco, Robles, Jimenez.....
  2019 Panini Victory Lane Racing
2 autographs and 2 memorabilia cards per box. The top current names and legends are covered
  2019 Super Break Best of Basketball One Time Insert edition
Buyback, licensed and slabbed inserts from all the top names. 1 of !'s, signed patches, Gem Mints, XFractors.......
26th --- 2019 2019 Donruss Elite Football
Rookies are in their pro uniforms. Plenty of box content makes this a good product for any kid or football collector. Allocated this year!!!! Call your rep for your number
  2019 2019 Panini Immaculate Soccer
Debut release. Call your rep for availability today
  2019 2019 Topps Stadium Club Baseball
Allocated based on your Topps MLB orders. Call your rep today for your number
28th --- 2019 18-19 Panini Chronicles Basketball
Allocated based on your 18-19 Panini NBA orders
  2019 2019 Leaf Valiant Football Draft
Allocated. Call you sales rep at 866-249-4323 for your allocation today
  2019 Leaf All American Football
Limited allocation, call your rep for you number today
  2019 McFarlane Fortnite 7" & 11" figures
Call your rep for all the details today
1st --- 2019 Super Break the Bar Heavy Hitters
Call your rep for all the details on this limited product today

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